‘Training for Telemarketing: Nick Stringer’s guide to optimising lead generation within the UK education sector’

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I have just completed my latest #edtech training workshops designed to optimise lead generation performance within this niche sector.

Since January 2016 my company has generated 10,000+ sales appointments for 31 partners with senior school leaders across the globe. We believe we are uniquely placed to spread a new and exciting form of staff development based on our own Elite #goldstandard mission.

Central to our success has been my own take on telemarketing training, assessment, and feedback. Everything we do is focused on achieving both quality AND quantity. There doesn’t have to be a trade off.

Now I am going ‘on the road’ to deliver training directly to those organisations within the #educationtechnology sector who would benefit from an immediate improvement in performance in lead generation output.

Watch this space for more information and we hope you enjoy our workshop brochure on our website.

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